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Training for managers

DESCRIPTION: Managers and supervisors have a responsibility to ensure that workplaces are free from toxic behaviors. However, many supervisors have received very little training on issues related to gender equality, or toxic masculinities increasing that way gender inequality in the workplace.

This Training supports managers and supervisors to improve efficiency, productivity, performance, and retention of workers since it provides an innovative and educational resource. The podcasts offer a new approach to the inclusion of the gender perspective in the work context, but also in any public space. It allows managers and leaders to redirect the way in which relationships between employees are created on the basis of sex or gender. Thus, Emotional Intelligence favours an inclusive character in people, breaking down, or not raising cultural barriers that restrict the best adaptive development of the individual regardless of their gender.

OBJECTIVE: To train managers and leaders in companies (especially SME) or any kind of organization with innovative educational resources, to include the gender perspective in their work, through the tools provided by Emotional Intelligence and Alternative Masculinities.