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Training for managers

DESCRIPTION: Managers and supervisors have a responsibility to ensure that workplaces are free from sexual harassment. However, many supervisors have received little training on the issue, including the participation of men in the process of avoiding gender inequality. Managers and buyers do not always recognize the challenges and difficulties facing supervisors. Verbal abuse, including shouting and name calling, often highly sexualized, is common in organizations, especially those SME where there are no resources to implement an equality plan in the company. Supervisors, particularly those whose pay depends upon worker productivity, sometimes may mistakenly believe that using verbal abuse as a motivational punishment can spur worker productivity. For these supervisors, skills-training can equip them with positive motivational techniques that can replace verbal abuse; this in turn has the potential to increase worker productivity.

OBJECTIVE: To train managers and leaders in companies (especially SME) or any kind of organization with innovative educational resources, to include the gender perspective in their work, through the tools provided by Emotional Intelligence and Alternative Masculinities.