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Toolkit for employees


The Toolkit for employees in EI new masculinities is built of resources and educational approaches based on Emotional Intelligence and Alternative Masculinities. The whole programme consists of 24 learning resources with real-life case studies, which promote diversity, egalitarian values, prevent sexism and gender violence among employees through different activities (including audio and video materials). OBJECTIVE: The TOOLKIT stimulates cooperative learning, increases critical awareness of gender stereotypes and benefits the creation of a respectful, inclusive workplace.

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The TOOLKIT topics are divided in 5 THEMATIC AREAS: empathy; listening/asking for help; working with others; new masculinities; self-control/being aware of one’s own emotions. Learn more about the METHODOLOGICAL approach to the TOOLKIT.

For whom?
Employees in companies (especially SME) and members of any kind of organization.

APPLICATION: Going through the resources proposed inside the TOOLKIT you would be granted the possibility to reflect upon standards for gender equality in your workplace. NEWMEN resources facilitated creation of a workplace that values and supports women equally, applying fair HR practices and promoting gender diversity. Implementing in the program you demonstrate your commitment to equality in the workplace.