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DESCRIPTION: This PR is a collection of 18 case studies on the subject of egalitarian groups, entities or collectives where IE and new masculinities are developed, in the search for gender equal opportunities, in a video format. The cases come from the 6 countries involved which show how gender-based, cooperative, healthy and inclusive organizations are making a decisive contribution to the social and economic development of the Union.

Ursula Von Der Leyen, said: “Gender equality is a fundamental

principle of the European Union, but it is not yet a reality. We can

only realise our full potential if we use all our talents and our

diversity. Using only half the population, half the ideas or half the

Egalitarian relationships not only create healthier workplaces, but also increase employee satisfaction ratios as well as productivity and performance. That is why it is necessary to receive the external impact of examples of good practices where these policies are already being implemented. In this way, they can serve as models and references to, through direct learning, generate motivation in organisations to follow the same line and put an end to gender inequalities in the workplace.

OBJECTIVE: To provide the target group with references, examples and evidence on the benefits of generating egalitarian, inclusive and diverse gender relations so that they can create a critical awareness of gender inequality and stereotypes.